About Celtic Prayer

What is Celtic Prayer @ St Peters ?

A time of still and contemplative prayer based on the Northumbria Community’s Celtic Daily Prayer. It will draw inspiration from the early Christian heritage of the North East as well as contemporary sources.  The  prayer will be about 40 minutes and afterwards we often enjoy a cuppa and a chat.

Click  for a slide show version of Evening Prayer

When is it?   Weekly on Wednesdays at 7pm

Who is Celtic Prayer for?  In short anyone interested in prayer.

We hope to create a time and space for any to explore prayer and their own spiritual journey.Whether you have faith or  wondering if prayer can make a difference or just need a place to find some still – you are welcome.

About St Peters

The site of St Peters has an amazing spiritual heritage dating back to AD 674 when the famed Monastic site was established by Benedict Biscop along with St Pauls in Jarrow. The twin sited monastic order of Jarrow Wearmouth heralded a golden age of creativity and learning, with the writings of the venerable Bede as well as the creation of the early Biblical volumes such as the  Codex Amiatinus. There are some that think that even before the Jarrow-Wearmouth monastery  the site was used by St Hild for a community of prayer.  It is our aim that Celtic Prayer will resonate with the spiritual and creative heritage of this special site.


St Peters is situated on the North bank of the river Wear in Sunderland and is situated next to the St Peters campus of the University of Sunderland.


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